Radio XLVII, side B, track 6: “Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)” by Fiona and Kip Winger

Fiona - You're Sexing MeOh, Fiona and Kip Winger, or actually, let’s just keep you out of it, Kip Winger, all right?  I just don’t feel comfortable talking about getting sexed with you.  Well, actually, you were a pretty attractive guy.  Not saying that you were sexing me, but I could understand how you could. . .

Where was I. . .

Oh, right, Fiona!  Hey.  So yeah, it’s probably pretty obvious that I was immediately entranced with this song.  I mean, it’s got sex right in the title.  And it’s by you, who I’d never heard of before, and you only went by one name, and it was a very sexy name in my humble 8th-grade opinion, and you sounded really sexy, plus the way you sang “Ooooo, you’re sexing me”. . .

Oh, Fiona, so many wonderful memories of just listening to this song over and over and over.  Although I have to say, besides this song, I’ve NEVER heard anyone say “You’re sexing me”.  Ever.  Were you guys trying to start a thing?  Hey, I’m not knocking it, I applaud the effort, but in all my considerable years have I heard anyone outside this song utter “You’re sexing me” to convey that they were totally turned on by someone.  Hold on. . .

So I just asked my wife, “Hey, honey, when you were single, if someone said to you, ‘You’re sexing me’, what would you think?”  Her response was initially “You’re sexing me?  What is that?”  I then had to explain my question a little bit more:  “Just. . .if someone said that to you, what would you think?”  Her response:  “Nothing good.”  Now, I didn’t explain that maybe Kip Winger was saying this to her, which might have changed her response.  Understandably so.  But bottom line, “You’re sexing me” is just not a good way to convey “You make’a me horny.”  Because “You make’a me horny” is so much classier.

Also, while we’re talking about all this, I totally get what it’s like during that initial attraction phase when you cannot stop thinking naughty thoughts about someone.  But let’s dial it back a little bit, all right, Fiona?  Even if we ARE talking about Kip Winder, EVERYTHING he does can’t possibly turn you on.  That would be just sad, and it would look something like this:

“Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)”

Ooooo, yo sexing meeee

<awesome Fiona and Kip Winger jam>

Ooooo, yo sexing me

Baby baby baby come on

<awesome Fiona and Kip Winger jam>

You take it sloooow
Keep hangin’ on
Ya teeeeeeeeeease me

You got me beggin’
And out of control
Make love look so easayyyy

I can’t sleep (got the fever)
At night (must be dreamin’)
I can’t breathe (I’m on fiya)
And I’m burnin’ bright

Light a candle (be my lover)
‘Cause it’s time (come on closer)
Ta feeeeeeel
Feel the heat

Oooooo, yo sexing meeeee

Everything ya do just turns me on

Oooooo, yo sexing meeeee

I can feel it comin’ on

Whoa whoa whoooooa whoa baaaaaby

Where can I run

Where can I hiiiide, ya follow me from the insiiide

Rock of ages

Heart built fer one
All goin’ down in a landslide

To the river (bring me water)
Of love (’til I’m drownin’)
Let’s come together (even closer)
‘Cause you’re in my blood

It’s a rhythm (Cinderella)
My love (it’s now or never)
So feeeeeeeel
Feel the beat

Oooooo, yo sexin’ meeeee

Oh ya know I’m gonna getchaaaa

Oooooo, yo sexin’ meeeee

Baby ’cause I wanna letcha

<awesome Fiona and Kip Winger jam>

Whooooa, the sun (darkness darkness)
Won’t shine (all around me)
Until you (look outcho window)
Putcha heart with mine

You should know (I’ll be waitin’)
By now (don’t keep me waitin’)
There’s no way ouuuut
No way out

Oooooo, yo sexin’ meeeee

Everything ya do just turns me on

Oooooo, yo sexin’ meeeee

Baby baby baby come on


Whoa whoa whoa whoa whooooooooa whoa, baby

Oooooo, yo sexin’ meeeee

Everything ya do, everything ya say

Oooooo, yo sexin’ meeeee

Doncha know it’s drivin’ me crazy

Oooooo, yo sexin’ meeeee

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One thought on “Radio XLVII, side B, track 6: “Everything You Do (You’re Sexing Me)” by Fiona and Kip Winger

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