The Mixed Tape Masterpiece Pseudo-Call-In Super Fun Prize Giveaway!

I Know What I Like!So I just discovered this cool feature on Amazon that lets you give away cool stuff to people just because, and I immediately thought of all of you, my wonderful, loyal readers.  I’ve become, in my own weird way, a DJ of sorts and this blog is my radio station.  A radio station that plays one song a day, granted, and the songs are songs recorded off of ANOTHER radio station. . .I didn’t say my radio station was very good, but you get what I’m saying.

Anyway, I’ve got the music thing going, I’ve got the DJ chat stuff, and people can “call in” by liking posts and/or commenting.  But you know what’s missing?  PRIZES!  My old radio station had all kinds of prizes to give away, whether it was a Richard Marx cassette or the latest b-52’s CD.  And now I’m gonna try the same thing with the very first (and hopefully not very last) Mixed Tape Masterpiece Pseudo-Call-In Super Fun Prize Giveaway!  And I thought what better way to kick off a very exciting new chapter in Mixed Tape Masterpiece history but by giving away a CD featuring the very first song I wrote about on here to kick off this entire blog waaaay back in 2011!  That’s right, I’m talkin’ about “Fore!” by Huey Lewis and The News!

I owned this one on tape.  I’m pretty sure it was one of the first cassettes I got when I enrolled in the Columbia House Music Club.  It’s pretty fantastic.  Not only does it have the aforementioned “I Know What I Like”, but there’s also “Hip To Be Square” and “Jacob’s Ladder” (that one is probably my favorite off that album).  And all you gotta do is click HERE to see if you win!  Sadly, this is only limited to U.S. residents that are of legal age with an Amazon account, but if those of you folks from other countries and/or other age brackets who don’t get stuff through Amazon think this still sounds cool, make your voices heard in the comments, because I’ve got some other ideas for ways to get fun stuff to more people.  But as a consolation prize, here’s a little dose of the good stuff to dull the pain:

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3 thoughts on “The Mixed Tape Masterpiece Pseudo-Call-In Super Fun Prize Giveaway!

  1. Starstorm says:

    Reblogged this on Mixed Tape Masterpiece and commented:

    Just a reminder that you still have a chance to win a copy of “Fore!” by Huey Lewis and The News (I may have overestimated people’s love of Huey Lewis and The News. . .). The giveaway ends on March 8, so don’t wait!


  2. stroud709 says:

    how does this work? I eyeballed it, when I was on the affiliate site the other day, but didn’t really look into it. Might be nice for my monthly album picks, once I get a bigger following.

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