Radio XLVII, side B, track 11: “sports scores”

1989 World SeriesOh, KISD FM, why in the hell did I record this?  College football scores?  Really?  And it wasn’t even like this was leading up to a song I was recording, because while the song playing in the background is awesome, I apparently decided not to record it again since I had it already.  So I just kept this little snippet of the DJ talking about college football scores and the second game of the World Series coming up that night.  I can pretty much guarantee you that I had no idea what any of what that DJ said meant.  And still don’t.

The one cool thing about it is that I can tell you exactly when I recorded this, thanks to an article by the L.A. Times.  October 15, 1989.  I wasn’t as good about documenting when I recorded stuff as I am now, so it’s nice to be able to get an idea of what time of year it was when I was sitting in my bedroom recording random sports statistics off the radio.  The OTHER cool thing about all of this is that I kinda felt like Marty McFly when he got that sports almanac in “Back To The Future, Part II”, like I went back in time to check out the scores of an old football game.  If we ever do discover time travel, maybe this little clip can help me make my fortune.  Although the smart money says I’ll end up getting distracted by recording music off the radio and forget to place my bet. . .

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