Radio XLVIII, side A, track 5: “New Music promo: The Rolling Stones, Phil Collins, and Whitesnake”

new musicOh, KISD FM, hells yeah!!!!  This is the kind of music promo that gets a guy excited!  Some new Stones?  Some new Phil Collins?  And some new Whitesnake?!!?  Damn, I haven’t heard from them in almost two years!  I didn’t have any of these songs on my tapes as of yet, so obviously I was going to be pretty pumped about this promo, KISD FM.  Although, I gotta tell ya, saying that you’re bringing us into the 21st century?  It wasn’t even 1990 yet, KISD FM.  I don’t know that you can say you’re bringing anyone into a new century when there’s still a decade left of the current one.  But I appreciate your optimism.

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