Radio XLIL, side B, track 4: “junk bit”

junkOh, Molson, we’ve heard you on several recent tracks.  This is the first track that “highlights” your talent(?).  Yes, that’s talent with a question mark.  I don’t know why I recorded this one.  Probably because I clearly taped everything that was on the radio.  I wonder if it was as painful to listen to then as it is now.  While this is a very throw-away clip, I think it does signify the rise of the “shock jocks” that came to power during the ’90s.  The rise of the “zoo crews”.  Basically, the rise of the douchebags.  I mean, you’re calling yourself Molson, for one thing.  Presumably after the mediocre beer.  Which is just so douche-baggy.  And at some point on these tapes, we’re going to be hearing “Toddzilla”, who was even more painful to listen to, if that’s even possible.

Considering how much I love radio, I hold most DJs in a disdain of equal measure.  Maybe it’s just me being unfairly nostalgic, but from listening to my old tapes, it feels like I got in on the very end of an era.  Where DJs like my beloved “Crashman” and Monty Foster, who seemed to genuinely enjoy all the music they were playing, gave way to guys like you, Molson, who brought nothing but smarm and douchebaggery to the radio waves, who didn’t even really have a voice for radio, but the market seemed to call for juvenile shenanigans while nerds like me were just trying to hear the latest Milli Vanilli tune.  There’s a chance you actually aren’t as annoying as you sound, Molson, but the odds are against it.

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One thought on “Radio XLIL, side B, track 4: “junk bit”

  1. […] Molson, I’ve already talked about how I consider you one of the death knells of not-annoying DJs, and I don’t know that I have anything to add to that.  The only good thing about this […]


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