Radio 56, side B, track 7: “New Year’s Eve on the street”

New Year's Eve 1989Oh, KISD FM, so that’s it.  The countdown’s over.  I successfully recorded every single song on that sucker.  Plus some extras.  As with any radio-taping marathon, there’s always a bit of a letdown as the euphoria of hearing all that awesome music ebbs away.  And in this case, there was also a sick feeling in my gut.  Because the DJ said that they were going to re-do the countdown all over again.  Oh man. . .

I don’t remember for sure, but I feel pretty confident that I got into an argument with my parents that I HAD to stay in my room all day to record this countdown.  That this was a once-in-a-lifetime event that would never happen again.  Except that it was happening again.  Like right now.  With 1989 drawing to a close, my first big decision of the ’90s was going to be what to do about this re-broadcast business. . .

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3 thoughts on “Radio 56, side B, track 7: “New Year’s Eve on the street”

  1. […] and Joe Cocker, so I compromised.  Instead of recording every song on the countdown again after I discovered they were going to re-play the whole damn thing, I decided to just record the songs that got messed up the first time.  As you’ll likely […]


  2. McKee says:

    Your so funny! I can relate to those old cassettes..good times and expensive music then. Now music is here today gone tomorrow. I just ordered back issues of the latest charted music for the last two years 3.00 per cd with 20 songs each. Dirt cheap music and writers get nothing now. Keep up the good work!

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