Radio 58, side B, track 13: “movie theater bit”

movie theaterOh, KISD FM, here’s another little bit from the radio that’s not particularly funny.  I really don’t like this Molsen guy.  And a Columbo impression?  I mean, it’s good, but Columbo wasn’t exactly exploding on the pop culture scene in 1990.  If anything, though, this is an interesting bit of history in that the DJ thought it was crazy that Detroit was installing metal detectors in a movie theater.  Simpler times, KISD FM, simpler times.

At the time I recorded this off the radio, I was still too young for my own driver’s license, which means that I hadn’t been able to drive myself to the movies yet.  It was pretty much the only dream I had at the time, KISD FM, to be able to go to any movie I wanted to.  The thing was, the nearest movie theater was a 40-mile round trip.  If I wanted to go to an even nicer movie theater, that was an 80-mile round trip.  So we didn’t get to go to the movies that often.  I remember my parents and other relatives taking me to see “Three Men and A Baby” (my dad fell asleep in that one), “Superman 3”, “The Karate Kid”, “Popeye”, “E.T.”, “The Muppet Movie”, “The Secret Of NIMH”, “Sleeping Beauty” (I freaked out at that one when she turned into a dragon; my parents were pissed), “Superman 2”, “The Care Bears Movie”, “For The Love Of Benji”, “Swiss Family Robinson”. . .that’s actually not too bad of a movie list for a kid.

I was home last weekend, and I don’t know why I didn’t bring them back with me, but when I was in high school, I saved all the ticket stubs from all the movies I went to after I got my driver’s license.  There were a lot.  I put a lot of miles on my old station wagon driving to the movies by myself.  Which was seen as very, very odd at the time.  Living in Austin, no one bats an eye.  Sadly, I’ve not taken advantage of going to movies now that I live so close to them.  Younger me would be appalled that I don’t go to movies anymore when I only live five minutes away from the nearest theater.  Younger me would actually actively try to kill me and replace me with himself if he knew this fact.  I mean, I haven’t even gone to see “Ant-Man” yet.  I know, younger me, I know.

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