Radio 59, side A, track 6: “New Music promo: Sinead O’Connor, Paul McCartney, and Lisa Stansfield”

cassette playerOh, KISD FM, yay!  It’s never a bad time for a new music promo!  Although on this one, I’d already recorded two of them, both of them awesome, and the other one, based on the powers of hindsight, I never got the pleasure of recording, that one being “Figure Of Eight” by Paul McCartney.  I listened to it just now and it’s excellent and I surely would have loved it and listened to it over and over back in the day.  But as you’ll notice more and more, KISD FM, my taping was becoming more sporadic as I slowly headed toward high school and a social life (such as it was).  Which meant instead of recording the same song over and over and over, sometimes I wasn’t recording some songs at all.  I guess it’s a good thing, that I was letting real life take precedence over my radio-taping obsession, but when weighing the importance of a high school dance and getting a recording of “Figure Of Eight” off the radio, which one was really more important?  It’s one of those questions that can never be answered, KISD FM.

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