We’ve got movie sign!

mst3klogoYou may remember over Thanksgiving that I encouraged y’all to contribute to a Kickstarter that would bring back my beloved “Mystery Science Theater 3000”.  Well, if you haven’t already donated, now’s the time.  There are only about two days left.  As my wife can attest, I’ve been pretty obsessed with this campaign, just sitting and staring at the computer to watch the total money raised slowly grow and grow.  As I’m writing this, the gang at MST3K has raised over 4.5 million dollars.  Another million and they’ve got enough to make a full season of 12 episodes AND enough buzz to possibly get picked up for more (Netflix Netflix Netflix!).

I was already excited as it was, but knowing that Patton Oswalt is going to be playing TV’s Frank’s son and Felicia Day (swoon!) will be Dr. Forrester’s daughter, that’s almost too much geek to contain.  As I mentioned last time, there are so many things to love about MST3K, including its all-ages nature, and another aspect I’ve realized as I’ve been obsessing over the campaign is how this has become a generational tradition.  Reading letters from families who bond over the show reminds me of my own family bonding.  One of my favorite memories of my later mother-in-law is us discovering that we both loved the show and watching “Hamlet” together, laughing and giggling while the rest of the family wondered what the big deal was.

So yeah.  Go donate to their campaign.  How many times do we get to be an active part of a huge moment in geek history?

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