Radio 62, side B, track 1: “Shake” by Andrew Ridgeley

Andrew Ridgeley - ShakeOh, Andrew Ridgeley, I’ll be honest, when I saw your name come up on the track list, I cocked my head to the side and was all like “Awww, that’s sweet. Little Andy had a song on the radio”.  Totally condescending, I know, Andrew Ridgeley, but I’ve always felt like you were the weaker of the two when it came to Wham!  Clearly I didn’t know what I was thinking.  As soon as I pressed Play I was all like “Awww yeeeeah, I totally remember this song!  This song’s friggin’ awesome!!!”  I had no idea this was you, Andrew Ridgeley.  Honestly, I didn’t even know you were the second half of Wham! until I started this blog.  Thanks for setting me straight, Andrew Ridgeley and shaking some sense into me.

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