Radio 64, side A, track 14: “Banned In The U.S.A.” by The 2 Live Crew

The 2 Live Crew - Banned in the USAOh, The 2 Live Crew, the First Amendment is a helluva thing, ain’t it?  Look, guys, I totally understand the right to freedom of expression, but let’s not be acting like you guys didn’t profit from underage kids like me.  Every kid my age heard “Me So Horny”.  Including myself.  And I’ve made it clear that I was a very sheltered youth. And that’s the tamest song I can mention.  You guys were raaaauuuunchy.  Why are First Amendment cases always surrounding you and guys like Larry Flynt?  Although now that I think about it, this stuff seems fairly quaint by today’s standards.  Having become addicted to the top 50 songs on Spotify, I’ve discovered that the lyrics for a lot of today’s most popular songs are on par with your songs from my childhood that we used to giggle and gasp over for their insanely juvenile lyrics.  Progress?

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