Radio 66, side A, track 1: “Praying For Time” by George Michael

George Michael - Praying For TimeOh, George Michael, what an amazing way to kick off a brand new tape!  This may have been my favorite song during this period of my life.  Hell, George Michael, now that I’m hearing it again after so many years, this may be my favorite song of all time.  I loved this song so much that I spent my meager, hard-earned cash to buy the cassingle of this one.  It didn’t stop me from taping it off the radio, though, George Michael.  Oh no.  This was probably as close as I ever got to being an emo kid.  Which means that I was never very close.  But I definitely had the ingredients to be one.  And I listened to this song many, many times, George Michael.  I didn’t really understand most of it.  Or really any of it.  And I don’t pretend that I understand it even now.  But I do remember laying on my bed and hearing “and charity is a coat you wear twice a year” and thinking “Yeah, man!”  I didn’t and don’t know what it really means, but it sounds really deep.

What resonated for me the most was the imagery of God letting all his children into the yard and all of them sneaking out and eventually God not even paying attention to us anymore.  For a kid who was immersed in church, it was a pretty sacrilegious concept, and horrifying and scary and sad.  Even not having that kind of belief anymore, it still is.  Unfortunately, this song could have been written yesterday instead of nearly 30 years ago.   And the lyrics about it being hard to love and how there’s so much to hate and how there’s no hope to speak of. . .damn, George Michael, you’ve got me feeling like a mopey teenager again.  But in the best way.  If there is such a thing.  Anyway, thanks for making one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.

lyrics to “Praying For Time”

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