Radio 67, side B, track 6: “For You” by The Outfield

For you - The OutfieldOh, The Outfield, so I thought the name of this song was “You Can Have It Any Way You Want It”.  It’s one of the downfalls of finding a “pure” song, especially if it’s a song that never quite took off, because if it’s the only time you ever hear it/tape it, there’s no DJ to tell you what song you’re listening to.  And I really liked this song, The Outfield.  I still do, even though I haven’t thought about it or heard it for a couple decades or more.  This was the last song I’d record by you off the radio as a kid, too.  And I wasn’t going to get real sentimental about it, because I was thinking “How many songs did I even record by The Outfield, anyway?”  Turns out, quite a few.  Not just this and “Your Love”, which is what I assumed.  And all of those songs never left me, The Outfield.  They were buried deep, but I remembered them as soon as I heard them again.  So I apologize for taking you for granted, The Outfield.  Thanks for making my radio-taping years that much better.

lyrics to “For You”

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