Radio 68, side A, track 9: “Something To Believe In” by Poison

Something To Believe In - PoisonOh, Poison, I didn’t know that I’d have anything to say about this one other than that I thought it was a pretty damn great song.  Still is.  Frankly, it’s probably more meaningful to me now than it was when I recorded it off the radio all those years ago.  With tragedy upon tragedy in the wide world piling up the older I get, it’s definitely hard to find something to believe in.  But I will say, it is hard to take this one too seriously, as personal as it is, since it’s on the same album as “Unskinny Bop”.  Also doesn’t help that right after the song the DJ talks about you horkin’ one up and spitting into the crowd.  See what I mean, Poison?

But let’s not end things on a sour note, Poison, because this is the last song I’d record by you guys as a kid.  And you always had a special place in my heart.  You sang the 4th song I recorded off the radio and your music permeated the airwaves throughout my radio-taping days.  I recorded the shit out of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and “Your Mama Don’t Dance“.  Hell, Poison, I recorded the shit out of YOU.  So maybe it didn’t stick after so long, but thanks for giving me at least one thing to believe in as a kid.

lyrics to “Something To Believe In”

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