Radio 68, side B, track 3: “High Enough” by Damn Yankees

Damn Yankees - High EnoughOh, Damn Yankees, damn right!  I loooooved this song back when I recorded it off the radio.  Loved it so much, yours was one of the few cassettes I invested money in.  And I still love it now.  This is one of my favorite rock ballads of all time, which is saying something, since I love me some rock ballads.  And one of the lyrics really resonated with me as I was listening to this one again.  “Can you take me high enough to fly me over yesterday.”  I don’t think I ever paid attention to that before, Damn Yankees, but damn.  What a great lyric.  As someone who has many regrets about his past and who thinks for the most part I’m not worth much of a future, being with someone who can make you look past the past is a rare find.  And my wife’s done her damndest to do just that, even though I’m a tough nut to crack.  But the way I feel about her is the same way I feel every time I listen to you guys sing and play the hell out of the chorus on this.  Which is to say, I love her more than anything.

lyrics to “High Enough”

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