Radio 68, side B, track 4: “MoFo intro”

mofoOh, Monty Foster, just recently, one of the coolest things happened.  One of the DJs who I’ve written about many, many times actually found this blog and commented on it!  It wasn’t you, Monty Foster, but it was your buddy The Crashman!  I had a major moment, I can tell you.  Especially as he talked about knowing Pat Clarke and Molson and you and y’all hanging out and being on the radio together.  Too much, Monty Foster!  So many things that made me happy when Vic St. John found this blog, Monty Foster, but the best thing about it was that he’s still The Crashman and he still sounds like he’s having a great time on the radio.

That’s what I loved about him and you, Monty Foster, and that’s what this particular track highlights.  There was so much energy coming out of my radio speakers when you guys were on.  Whether you actually were or not, you sounded like you were having a helluva party every night of the week.  And not getting to go to many parties myself being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no driver’s license, it felt like I was right there with you.  You made me excited to find out if Vanilla Ice would indeed be at the top of the Heat Seeker Five Disintegrator once again, to see who was going to win the Exam To Scam and whose booty was going to get burnt on The Bust.  I was a hardcore radio fan, Monty Foster, in no small part because you and Vic St. John gave me something to look forward to.  Thanks for being such a huge part of my formative years and for making adolescence mostly tolerable.

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