Radio 72, side B, track 8: “lovefool” by The Cardigans

lovefool - The CardigansOh, The Cardigans, I was SO excited when I captured this one as part of my radio collection.  This was one of those songs that I’d kinda forgotten about but as soon as I heard the first couple of notes I was transported back to the summer of ’96 when this song was on the radio all the time.  All the time, The Cardigans.  And that’s a good thing.

My wife will love this track because she’s a big fan of “Romeo + Juliet”.  I also appreciated that movie, but not as much as she apparently does.  I believe she even still has the VHS somewhere in the house.

I appreciate this song because, as you know if you’ve read this blog at all, The Cardigans, you know that I lived the first half of my life. . .well, probably more than half my life. . .as a lovefool.  Summer of ’96 would have put me at a sophomore in college, not long before I hit the pinnacle of my lovefoolishness.  Which is saying something.  I was very lovefoolish.  And so, as a lovefool, this song spoke to me as few songs did.  The pleading and yearning and the sentiment of not caring about anything but that one person, I’m all over that, The Cardigans.  Add to that one of the most beautiful voices I’d ever heard and I was gone, baby, gone.  Thank you for coming back into my life, The Cardigans.  I CAN care about more than just you, but not by much.

lyrics to “lovefool”

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One thought on “Radio 72, side B, track 8: “lovefool” by The Cardigans

  1. […] be because my memories from my college days are fuzzy, but this song came out at the height of my lovefool period.  I must have been about 23, and I was trying to find love and meaning in everything. […]


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