Radio 73, side A, track 6: “Daniel” by Elton John

Elton John - DanielOh, Elton John, I always knew you were a big deal, but when I was recording music off the radio in the late ’80s, your talents were at low tide.  Don’t get me wrong, Elton John, I loved the music you were putting out, especially “Healing Hands”.  Loooove me some “Healing Hands”.  But you and I know that “A Word In Spanish” isn’t paying the bills.

So I was really glad to know that I was going to be getting some classic Elton John tunes on here to re-acquaint (or in many cases, just to acquaint) myself with your early stuff.  And so off we go.  I’d never heard this song before I recorded it off of BOB, so I don’t have a lot to say about it other than that I like it.

OK, so maybe not off the best start, but I have faith that we’re going to be chatting a lot in the months and years to come, Elton John.

lyrics to “Daniel”

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