Radio 76, side A, track 6: “Stray Cat Strut” by Stray Cats

Stray Cats - Stray Cat StrutOh, Stray Cats, nice.  I was thinking about writing a big long post about all the cats I’ve had in my life, and it would be a long post because there have been a LOT of them.  As a kid we had all kinds of barn cats, most of them strays, including my favorite, Captain One-Ear, the elusive tabby who would show up at night when we fed everyone milk and then would vanish into the night just as mysteriously.  We had a lot of cats back then, Stray Cats, but farm life is not kind to cats.  Especially kittens.  So I’m not going to write about that anymore.

I’ve taken on more stray cats in my adult life, but much more responsibly.  A lot more.  I worked at an animal shelter for 5 or 6 years during and after college, which is when things started and very quickly got out of hand.  I fostered many a litter of kittens.  The thing one doesn’t realize when they’re in their twenties and decide to take on pet after pet is that pets age faster than yourself, and so if you get a bunch of pets all at the same time, all at the same age, they’re all going to get old at the same time, too.  Because in your twenties being old isn’t really a thing.  But now here we are, Stray Cats, with three dogs and three cats, one of the dogs and two of the cats about to turn 16, and the other ones ain’t getting any younger, either, and suddenly mortality is a much more distinct concept.

And mortality is not what this song is about at all.  Like, kind of the opposite of that.  More of a live life like an alleycat and don’t have a care in the world.  Which I can really get behind right about now, Stray Cats.  So I’m going to chill with this song again and then take a nap with a cat or three.

lyrics to “Stray Cat Strut”

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