Radio 76, side B, track 4: “Legs” by ZZ Top

ZZ Top - LegsOh, ZZ Top, I have no memories of this song.  Not of this version, anyway.  But I DO have memories of the many commercials this song was featured on.  In fact, as a boy, I had no idea this was a “real” song.  All I knew was that this was the theme song for L’eggs pantyhose.  As a kid, I didn’t really know what pantyhose actually was.  I only knew two things:

1.  Those plastic eggs looked cool and would make for awesome Mork from Ork-type space vehicles for my Star Wars action figures.

2.  Those eggs had something to do with women’s legs.

As I got older, I was less interested in the eggs and more interested in the legs.  And thanks to YouTube, I had an extreme flashback.  I’ve embedded the video below, but I vividly remember that commercial for Sheer Elegance L’eggs.  I was just going to watch it for the nostalgia, but then I realized I kinda knew that particular commercial by heart; when I saw that woman sitting at the table, and the woman walking the Dalmatians over the bridge, that shot of the black silk negligee. . .yowza.

Normally, I tend to frown upon artists who farm out their music for rando merchandise, ZZ Top, but in this case, I totally get it, guys.

lyrics to “Legs”

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