Radio 77, side A, track 12: “1999” by Prince

1999 - PrinceOh, Prince, the one thing I was most surprised about this song was that it wasn’t playing on repeat all throughout 1999.  But it was still played a lot.  Smart move on your part.  I’m sure you would have been set for life just from the airplay of this one in the run-up to 2000.

With all the craziness in the world these days, fears of Y2K seem downright quaint, but it was definitely a thing.  For me personally, there was a mild unease, but not enough for me to go out and buy a bomb shelter and survival gear as a few people did back then.  And let’s face it, Prince, I always have a mild sense of unease anyway, so if I prepared for the end of the world every time I felt nervous, I’d never get any real work done.  Frankly, since the end of the world is kinda one of my biggest fears, I’m actually really surprised I wasn’t freaking out more back then.

I did have a steady girlfriend at the time, so I’m sure I had a much rosier view of the world (or a more purple view of the world, if you will).  Incidentally, this was the girl who dumped me when I traveled with her family to go visit her.  But that was a year 2000 problem.  In 1999, I was in love.  I actually spent the eve of 2000 with her and several of my high school friends out in a nice cabin a little ways away from civilization.  I mean, none of us really believed anything was going to happen when the clock struck midnight, but you’re from Minnesota, too, Prince, and you know we’re a pragmatic people, so I’m sure subconsciously we were all hedging our bets.

Anyway, everybody got really drunk that night.  Except for me, for some reason.  I guess maybe I wanted to be sober in case I needed my wits about me for the Y2K virus.  My girlfriend threw up on my parents’ driveway in the snow, and then threw up for most of the rest of the night as well.  I held back her hair, because I’m that kind of guy.  Or I was, anyway.  And when we woke up the next day, the world was hung over, but still intact.  And we all shook our heads and laughed because of COURSE nothing happened, how silly.  But we had all partied like it was 1999 (well, it WAS 1999) anyway.  Just in case.

lyrics to “1999”

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One thought on “Radio 77, side A, track 12: “1999” by Prince

  1. dsimic says:

    Wonderful post. And excellent blog throughout.

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