Radio 77, side B, track 9: “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)” by Styx

Styx - Blue Collar ManOh, Styx, I don’t really know this song, but I know it’s by you and that’s enough.  Another time and another place, I would have been the biggest Styx fan in the world.  Also, were I not so lazy and unbelievably incompetent, I would also have been a blue collar man.  There’s something romantic about the picture of me sitting in the back of a pick-up drinking a Stroh’s after a hard day at the factory, which your song definitely makes sound all kinds of kick-ass.  But reality being what it is, the real picture is me on a couch drinking Topo Chico and working on a Yoda latch hook.  Maybe not as manly, but I’m happy with it.  And I still get to listen to your music.

lyrics to “Blue Collar Man (Long Nights)”

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