Radio 78, side A, track 6: “Right Place Wrong Time” by Dr. John

Dr. John - Right Place Wrong TimeOh, Dr. John, having married a gal from New Orleans, I feel a certain kinship with y’all.  I don’t know your music real well, but I definitely understand your vibe, Mr. Rebbenack.  Listening to your music and seeing you in interviews, it always feels like somehow, through voodoo or hoodoo or whatever Creole magic is floating around the delta, the spirit of New Orleans has been mystically filtered directly into you.  I’ll always be an outsider in the Big Easy, but to me, you seem like you ARE New Orleans.  Which is probably why I love you so, Dr. John.  I don’t have a New Orleans temperament, but it gave me my wife and every time I’m there I’m caught up in its magic.  It’s the only city I’ve ever been to that feels distinctly its own city.  Even the chain restaurants still feel New Orleans.  When we make our annual trip to NOLA this year, I think I know what we need to be playing the whole way there.  See you soon, Dr. John.

lyrics to “Right Place Wrong Time”

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