Radio 78, side B, track 2: “Jet” by Paul McCartney and Wings

Jet - Paul McCartney and WingsOh, Paul McCartney and Wings, I’ve never heard this song before in my life.  But it’s quite good.  When I was reading the annotations on this one, it was refreshing to hear you say that, basically, you just put some words together that you like and made a song.  It doesn’t necessarily mean anything.  Like first you said this was about a dog, then a horse, there’s speculation that it’s about David Bowie, that’s a lot of different things it could be, Paul McCartney and Wings.

I think about that kind of stuff more and more these days, Paul McCartney and Wings.  Like, my wife was talking to me about this article she read on Buzzfeed (she loves her Buzzfeed) on the worst main characters on TV shows.  And we had a nice chat about it.  And my office mates and I have had many a discussion about “The Leftovers” (we loves us some “Leftovers”) and what everything means on that ridiculously awesome show.  And obviously I ruminate on what these songs I post about on here mean.  Like it somehow matters.

I don’t mean that to sound cynical or anything, Paul McCartney and Wings.  I just mean that all these shows and articles and songs are written and performed by folks not much different than me.  More talented, yes.  And maybe more insightful, sure.  But at the end of the day, we’re not going to get to some fundamental truth by listening to Drake’s latest.  Or your stuff, Paul McCartney and Wings.  Which is just fine.  But it does feel like pop culture has become the new religion; that by consuming TMZ and “Star Wars” and any or all of the Real Housewives, we will somehow learn something about ourselves by judging and/or enjoying all of the products online and on TV and at the theater, Peter Cetera, Peter Cetera.  I do firmly believe that in several hundred more years, studying the Force and becoming a Jedi will be an accepted religious practice.

My point is, Paul McCartney and Wings, that it’s hard enough to figure out what people who are currently living were thinking when they made something for us to enjoy and/or study and/or worship.  Hell, y’all don’t even know what this song is about.  So how much harder is it to figure out the “meaning of life” through whatever religion one happens to be practicing?  It’d be nice if the Bible and the Koran and all the other religious texts came with an audio commentary by the authors.  Or it could be narrated by James Earl Jones, that’d be good.  Or maybe even an article on Buzzfeed.

Damn, Paul McCartney and Wings.  I did not expect this song to inspire so much thinking on my part.  Look what happens when you make a song about a dog.  Or a horse.  Or David Bowie.

lyrics to “Jet”

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