Radio 78, side B, track 9: “Daylight” by Maroon 5

Maroon 5 - DaylightOh, Maroon 5, I was about to write about how I think Adam Levine is a gigantic douche nozzle, but then I realized that I already did.  It’s embarrassing to forget when and how much hate you’ve spewed, but I’m glad I’ve got it documented so that I don’t keep repeating the same disdain over and over.  Unless I do.

Look, Maroon 5, just like the last song, this one is really damn good.  I hate that it is, since I’ve established that I really don’t like your lead singer.  The only comfort I can take is that considering how amazing Monsieur Levine finds himself to be, before I actually heard any of y’all’s music and my only reference was his douchery on “The Voice”, my assumption was that he had a voice similar to that of Rick Astley, i.e. the guy maybe looks kinda scrawny but he has a voice that could level a mountain due to its amazing intensity.  But no, the voice matches the guy.  Nasally and whiny.  All those tats and hair color changes ain’t changin’ the fact that he’s a really annoying and unlikable human being.  But the more annoying part is that despite the weaselly voice tied to the weaselly “judge”, you make some really great music, Maroon 5.  Dammit.

lyrics to “Daylight”

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3 thoughts on “Radio 78, side B, track 9: “Daylight” by Maroon 5

  1. ashleyomelia says:

    This is hilarious! I liked Maroon 5 a long time ago, way before it was obvious how douchie he is. Even knowing it, I still like their music. Can’t win!

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  2. […] another excellent song.  Whatevs.  I won’t spend too much time THIS time talking about my disdain for Adam Levine, but it does make me think about my disdain.  Not just for A-Lev, but for my assorted nemeses.  I […]


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