Radio 79, side B, track 2: “Sweet Child O’Mine” by Guns N’ Roses

GNR - Sweet Child O'MineOh, Guns N’ Roses, glad to finally see you back on here.  Obviously I’m quite familiar with this song.  It does bring up an interesting quandary that I’m finding more and more these days as I look up the lyrics and read the annotations about each song, though.  While I find it really interesting to learn some background details about these songs I love so much, at the same time, maybe I don’t want to know, you know?  Like on this one, it was really interesting that this song is about Axl’s girlfriend at the time, who was also the daughter of one of the Everly Brothers.  And that that whole last part of Axl singing “Where do we go now?” is because y’all didn’t know how to end the song.  But it’s not so fun to know that Slash kinda hates his amazing guitar playing on this one.  Or that Axl threatened to kill himself if the subject of this song didn’t marry him.

It’s like when “The Matrix” was released on DVD.  I was SO excited, Guns N’ Roses.  I remember watching it at a friend’s house, because they had bought this new thing called a DVD player for several hundred dollars and we watched “The Matrix” and then they showed me all of these cool features, like alternate audio tracks and deleted scenes and all the things I’d always dreamed about as a kid.  But after awhile, I realized that maybe I didn’t want to know how these things got made.  I can remember exactly when that moment was, actually.

I was watching “Fight Club” with the commentary on, Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and David Fincher were talking about the movie.  And by the end, they kind of ruined the movie for me.  Not because the movie’s not amazing, because it clearly is, but Edward Norton and David Fincher were ridiculously pretentious assholes and Brad Pitt was a complete and utter buffoon.  After that, I stopped listening to what the filmmakers had to say or what scenes they deleted or what-have-you.  Because it ruined the magic.  You know that there’s a large contingent in Oz who are pretty pissed about Toto pulling that curtain back.

Point is, Guns N’ Roses, I like learning things, but I also don’t.  I mean, it’s not like I’m completely shocked that there was a good amount of dysfunction in the background of your music, but if anybody’s dysfunction is going to ruin a song, let it be my own.  I know ignorance shouldn’t be the mindset I’m shooting for, but just let me have a little bliss, Guns N’ Roses.

lyrics to “Sweet Child O’Mine”

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