Radio 80, side B, track 8: “Little Red Corvette” by Prince

Prince - Little Red CorvetteOh, Prince, you make a good argument for censorship.  I’ve probably said it before on here that while I’m all about free speech, there’s something to be said about how censorship can really bring out the creativity in someone like you.  Little red love machine.  The place where your horses run free.  All the jockeys.  Absolutely beautiful stuff that might not have existed if you could just say what you wanted to say.

It’s like when I took my first creative writing classes in college and realized that I could swear in my stories and I wouldn’t get in trouble for it.  Well, for the next several years, every character in any story or screenplay I wrote had a mouth like a sailor.  A little restraint’s not necessarily a bad thing, and while restraint is not a word I would necessarily think of when I think of you, Prince, you show remarkable restraint here.  Thanks for finding new and innovative ways to sing about promiscuity.

lyrics to “Little Red Corvette”

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