Radio 82, side B, track 8: “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne - Crazy TrainOh, Ozzy Osbourne, well holy shit.  All I really knew about this song was that amazing opening of “All abooooard” followed by your maniacal laughter.  As usual, I didn’t know the lyrics and just assumed that the crazy train was was similar to the other nihilistic twisted imagery that I both loved and feared from your music I recorded off the radio as a kid.  But instead, underneath the amazing guitar shrieks is a thoughtful song about the fears of the Cold War and a prayer for peace.  If you would have told me that your train and Cat Stevens’ train were heading to the same destination, I would not have believed you, Ozzy Osbourne, but indeed you are, and that’s why this song was destined to become part of this blog’s soundtrack.

Sadly, this song came out nearly 40 years ago and we’re still going off the rails, Ozzy Osbourne.  But if “Crazy Train” and “Peace Train” can co-exist with the same message, surely there’s still hope, right?

lyrics to “Crazy Train”

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