Radio 83, side A, track 5: “Be Good Johnny” by Men At Work

Men At Work - Be Good JohnnyOh, Men At Work, now I love this song even more.  I first heard this one on BOB, never heard it before that, and all I really caught was the awesome hook of “be good be good be good be good”.  Now that I know it’s about a kid who just wants to dream, well damn, Men At Work, that’s right up my alley.

I got yelled at a lot as a kid for daydreaming.  And rightly so;  daydreaming is not a good idea when you’re working on a farm full of equipment and/or cattle who could crush you at any moment.  Stories are still told about how I forgot to latch the door to the chicken shed and all the chickens got out and that was the last year we raised chickens.  And when the cows came in to be milked, they each had a designated stanchion they were supposed to put their heads in, but I could never remember who went where because I never paid attention.  The cows actually knew their places better than I did.  Me and the cows got yelled at a lot.  And yet I could name pretty much every artist on the radio at the time, or the names of all the elves in “Elfquest” and how they were related to each other.  But those aren’t skills one needs down on the farm.

Anyway, Men At Work, Johnny and I were probably about the same age when this song came out.  I think we would have been friends.

lyrics to “Be Good Johnny”

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