Radio 83, side A, track 10: “Respect” by Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin - RespectOh, Aretha Franklin, mystery solved!  For all the many years that I’ve heard this amazing song, I thought the lyric was “take out the T-C-P”, which I thought you meant to remove that from the spelling of “RESPECT”, leaving “RESE”, or maybe “SEER”.  I could never figure it out, Aretha Franklin.  But it’s “Take care, TCB”.  You just wanted him to take care of business.  Lord, Aretha Franklin, how embarrassing.  I also thought it said “We’re runnin’ out of food” instead of “you’re running out of fools”.  I thought y’all were low on groceries.  So yeah.  I’m not very good at paying attention to lyrics, Aretha Franklin.  I understand if you have no respect for me, but I have SOOOO much respect for you.  Thanks for socking it to me all these years.

lyrics to “Respect”

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